You are a victim of shadowban when the hashtags inserted can see and comment on them, but they're not displayed 


Ignore any third-party websites promising to check if you’ve been shadowbanned for you – they do nothing of the sort and are generally scams. The easiest way is to add a unique or small hashtag to some of your posts, then open an incognito browser window and navigate to that hashtag search page.

How to Fix A Shadowbanned Account · Stop using the same hashtags in every post. · Put the 3-5 “niche” hashtags in the post instead of in the comments. · Remove  2 Jan 2020 Whether it's a comment from a foreign account saying “very nice photo” for could even result in the Instagram shadowban or account removal. 28 Mar 2019 Instagram comment on the shadow ban. Instagram If you use a hashtag that is frequently used, it's likely that your post will not show up due to  30 Jul 2019 Most of them refer to adult content or porn, but you might be surprised to find some other hashtags apparently harmless in the blacklist: #17bitch #  14 Dez 2020 Saiba como evitar a utilização de hashtags proibidas no instagram.

Shadowban hashtags in comment

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Even when you’re using the same hashtags to keep consistency in your posts, be careful with it. You should not trust brand’s hashtags … Instagram Shadowban is one of the worst and most enigmatic problems one might face using this platform as a marketing tool. Very few people know how it really works and therefore risks to become its next victim. But in fact, shadowban is not too difficult to avoid or to fix. All you need is knowledge.

10 Apr 2017 An Instagram Shadowban is when your hashtags become Most people report a dramatic reduction in likes and comments on their images.

If you get hit by a shadowban, you have to delete your entire comment, which deletes hashtags that you might still be showing up when you search for those hashtags. By making your hashtags only in your caption, you can simply remove the hashtags for which you’ve been shadowbanned.

Shadowban hashtags in comment

Do not use the same hashtags sets over and over. It will get you shadowban for sure! I would recommend you to use 18-24 hashtags. Build 10-12 different hashtags sets and use them random. Also I have noticed that more than 24-25 hashtags dramatically decrease your hashtag reach.

Shadowban hashtags in comment

Always do a quick search about the hashtags you are sharing. If there are some of them under your previous post, you can easily edit and delete them. However, the twist is that Instagram recently announced that there is no shadowban, and it doesn’t hide people’s content for posting too many hashtags or taking other actions.

Shadowban hashtags in comment

I would recommend you to use 18-24 hashtags.
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An Instagram shadowban is when the platform takes action to reduce your visibility, such as serving your content to fewer people and not displaying your posts on any hashtags you use. A direct result of this is a drop in engagement. To make sure your account isn’t associated with a broken hashtag, check the search result pages of all the hashtags used on your last 10 to 15 posts.

Just don’t use over 30 hashtags per post. Remove hashtags. For being sure, we recommend you remove all of your hashtags from your posts. Then, you can place the good ones in a comment.
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Delete hashtags from your recent posts, as some of these might be blocked or banned. Additionally, place your hashtags in the caption of your posts, not in the comments section, and d on’t go overboard with hashtags. Never go near the maximum number of hashtags (30), and never repeat hashtags.

Apply hashtags wisely Until you have faced the severity of a shadowban, you might ignore how much right hashtags are significant. Broken tags are often the cause IG is putting people into a shadowban.

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Essentially, a shadowban is when Instagram withholds the or broken hashtags in your caption and/or comments 

16 Sep 2020 The most common reasons are believed to be: if you post, comment or broken hashtags banned by Instagram because they are associated  It has many aliases (ghost banning, stealth banning, comment ghosting, hell banning).

2 Jan 2020 Whether it's a comment from a foreign account saying “very nice photo” for could even result in the Instagram shadowban or account removal.

there are so many users that say their post was shadow banned only hours after using hashtags on the comments. Keep contacting Instagram: Some users got  31 Jul 2019 Do you recommend posting hashtags in comments or is that viewed as spam by the algorithm? How does the algorithm distinguish between  25 Jul 2017 Did you know that Instagram has banned certain hashtags? You can only like, comment on, and upload so many posts (and follow so many  Essentially, a shadowban is when Instagram withholds the or broken hashtags in your caption and/or comments  What is the Instagram shadowban, and how it may be affecting your Instagram down on “bots” and services that automatically post, like, and comment for you.

What does Instagram shadowban mean? In 2006 the term shadowban was introduced by twitter. Shadowban Instagram: Como Resolver? | Viver de MarketingNeste vídeo eu falo sobre o Shadowban e como resolver da melhor forma possível. Porém, é importante l Their post is not showing up under those hashtags, and only their existing themselves and their only comment has been that they do not shadowban users. 5 Mar 2020 But, the drop in likes and comments was frustrating.” Let's get started. In previous posts, we've covered hashtag use as a way of hooking  Sites That Shadowban · A username or hashtag not showing up in search suggestions · A decrease in follower engagement · Certain features (e.g.